Sealing an Eviction

  1. Download the Motion to Seal Eviction form.

  2. At the top of the motion fill in your personal information. You may not file a motion for someone else.  Include:
    1. Name: your legal name
    2. Address: your full address
    3. Phone Number: your phone number
    4. Email: your email address


  1. After the letters CVG, enter the case number for the case you are requesting to seal (up to 5 cases in a lifetime) in the space provided. You will need to file a separate motion for every case you are requesting to seal.


  1. Question 1: select why you are requesting that the eviction record be sealed. Please select all reasons that apply to the case you are filing the motion on. 


  1. Question 2: The Affidavit for section two is on the second page of your motion. Instructions for completing this are in the next step. 


  1. Question 3: briefly describe any documentation you are including to help support your request. This can include a copy of a letter or text messages from the landlord


  1. Sign the form on the Signature line. 

  2. Certification: Write the landlord’s name and address or their attorney’s name and address on the line. Enter today’s date and then sign. You must mail a copy of this motion and affidavit to the landlord or their attorney.
  1. Complete the Motion to Seal Affidavit. This is the second page of the Motion to Seal Eviction Form. 

  2. Enter the case number in the space provided on the top right after the letters CVG.

  3. Enter your name in the next blank after the word "I."

  4. Make sure the statements in number 1 and 2 are correct. 

  5. Under number 3, check the boxes that match the reasons reasons that apply to your case(s). 

  6. If you checked 3(D), answer question 4. You do not need to answer this question if you did not check 3(D).

  7. In section five include any other information that you want the Judge to know.

  8. Unless you are e-filing, DO NOT SIGN THE AFFIDAVIT IN ADVANCE. You must sign the form in the presence of a Deputy Clerk of Court or Notary Public.

The filing fee is $3.00 per motion. Reminder: you must file a motion for each case.

The filing fee is payable by cash, check, money order or credit/debit card.  Check and money orders should be made out to Toledo Municipal Court.  Payments by debit or credit cards are subject to an additional 5% processing fee.

You can file your Motion to Seal Eviction via our e-file portal, in person, or by mail. The Court does not accept filings via email. 


You will need to create an account on the site. Instructions on how to create an account can be found here

  1. Upload a pdf of the motion.
  2. Your filing fee must be paid by credit or debit card. A 5% credit card surcharge will be added to the filing fee.
  3. The affidavit must be signed.



The civil division is located in the basement of the Toledo Municipal Court located at:

555 North Erie Street
Toledo, OH 43604

 When filing in person you can bring a completed form or use the forms provided at the counter.  If you are completing the affidavit in advance either wait to sign the affidavit in the presence of a Deputy Clerk of Court or bring a notarized copy.

You will also need to bring the filing fee.



Clerk of Court
Civil Division
555 North Erie Street
Toledo, OH 43604

 When filing by mail you must include:

  1. The notarized forms with one copy for every case you are requesting to seal
  2. The filing fee

The Defendant (you) must serve a copy of the motion to seal to the Plaintiff or their attorney.  The certification at the bottom of the motion states that you have completed this step.  Please make sure you sign and date this portion of the Motion to Seal Eviction before you file the motion.

The Plaintiff has 17 days from the date of filing to respond to the motion.  Either party may request a hearing on the motion.  If no hearing is requested and the 17 days have passed the Judge will review the motion and issue a decision as their schedule allows.  You will receive notice of the decision at the address provided on the motion form.