Civil General

In a Civil case, the plaintiff or plaintiff’s attorney shall file one original and one copy for every defendant. 

The complaint amount is limited to $15,000.00.  The filing of a new complaint should not exceed our jurisdictional amount and of the parties must live within our venue or in the case of an accident, it occurred here. All complaints filed with the Clerk shall be originals or legible copies, handwritten in ink or typewritten on 8 ½ x 11-inch paper with a proper heading. 

Service shall be made in accordance with Ohio Rules of Procedure. 

Once proper service is obtained against a defendant, the defendant has 28 days to file an answer. A defendant may extend for 28 days the time required to file a response to a complaint if written application is made to the Clerk of Court beforehand.  Any additional requests for extension of time may be made by filing a written motion with the court.  A judge may grant or deny the motion. 

Once the defendant files an answer, the case is immediately assigned to a Judge. 

The assigned Judge then reviews the case. The case may be set for a pre-trial or mediation at the judge’s discretion. 

All motions shall be filed in duplicate with the Clerk of Court. 

Collection may be enforced by executions, license revocations, liens, wage and non-wage garnishments.