Civil Division - Schedule of Fees

Civil court costs shall be paid at the time of filing to the clerk of court as follows:

CVE: Personal Injury and Property Damage (One Defendant)
For cases where the principal issue is liability or damages for allegedly tortious conduct resulting in personal injury, property damage, or both.
(Add $11.50 for each additional defendant)


CVF: Contracts (One Defendant)
For cases where the principal issue is liability or damages for breach of a contract. Includes cases involving liability on promissory or cognovit notes and collection of accounts due.
(Add $11.50 for each additional Defendant)


CVG: Landlord-Tenant or Property Issues
For cases initiated under provisions of Ohio Revised Code chapters 1923 or 5321. Includes cases involving eviction, rent escrow, damages to rental property, rent deposit return, receivership or a temporary restraining order involving real property.
First Cause Only (Eviction) (One Defendant)
(Add $12.50 for service on each additional defendant)


First & Second Cause (Eviction and Money) (One Defendant)
(Add $12.50 for service on each additional defendant)


Complaint for Money Only (Housing Only) (One Defendant)
(Add $11.50 for each additional defendant)


CVH: Other non-small claims Civil Cases.
For cases not satisfying the definitions set forth for CVE, CVF or CVG filings. Includes implied consent suspensions pursuant to O.R.C. 4511.191, appeals from Bureau of Motor Vehicles points suspensions pursuant to O.R.C. 4507.021K, transfers of judgment and parking violations or appeals.



(Add $11.50 for service on each additional Defendant)


Municipal Court Transfer


Certificate of Judgment from Foreign Court
(Add $11.50 for each additional defendant)


Limited Driving Privileges


Parking Ticket Appeals


Dog Classification Appeal


CVI: Small Claims Complaint
(Add $11.50 for each additional defendant)


Small Claims transfer to Civil Docket
Motion to Revive Judgment (Small Claims)


Motion to Revive Judgment (One Defendant)
(Add $11.50 for each additional defendant)


Trusteeship Filing


Certificate of Judgment


Proceedings in Aid
(Must indicate Certified Mail or Personal Service)


Aid of Execution (Wage Garnishment)


Aid of Execution (Non Wage Garnishment) To TMC
Fee Payable to Respondent (Paid Separately)


Certified Copy


Creditor's Bill
($7.00 Processing Fee plus $10.50 Personal Service)


Writ of Restitution






Revocations (DL6 certification)




Jury Demand


Summons (Original Filing and Alias)
(Certified Mail Service per Defendant)
(Personal/Residence Service per Defendant)
(Foreign Service-Service Outside Lucas Co. - No Refunds)
(Foreign Service by Secretary of State)




Transcript Fee


Appeals to the Appellate Court
To TMC for Transcript Fee
Deposit to Court of Appeals


Transfers To TMC for Transcript Fee for any court
Deposit to Lucas County Common Pleas
(other courts will notify parties of any deposit due)


Change of Venue
(From out of county court to municipal court)


Cash Bond
(Seizure of motor vehicle by Bailiff)
A $300.00 security fee deposit is required at the time of filing an execution, which involves the actual seizure of any motor vehicle by the civil bailiff’s department to secure payment of vehicle towing, and storage costs. Charges made against this deposit will be limited to the actual costs of towing and storage and may be recovered by the plaintiff as court costs.


Marriage Fee


No costs shall be assessed or collected for the filing of a motion for a default judgment in accordance with Rule 55(A) of the Ohio Rules of Civil Procedure. An approved poverty affidavit will be accepted in lieu of civil costs in civil cases.