Clerk of Toledo Municipal Court

COVID-19 Emergency Motion Form to Reschedule a Court Date

Emergency Motion To Expedite Hearing Due to COVID-19

Toledo Municipal Court COVID-19 Operations

Face coverings are required of the public, court employees, and other individuals seeking to enter the building.

Beginning May 18, 2020, the Court will begin to phase in regular court operations.  

The Courthouse will open to include scheduled the following scheduled case types:

  • CRA (Felony)
  • CRB (Criminal) and
  • TRC (Operating under the Influence) cases. 

This includes pretrials and trials on individual judge dockets and the 9:00 out of custody arraignment docket for CRA, CRB and TRC only. 

  • The Judges mandatory docket rotation will return to normal. 
  • Courtroom 3 will continue to hear all (misdemeanor and felony) in custody cases by video from the jail until otherwise ordered.  Courtroom 3 will hear all felonies (in-custody and out-of-custody). 
  • Courtroom 4 will hear all out of custody misdemeanor CRB and TRC arraignments.   
  • Duties is limited to warrants only (open and bench warrants). Any other Duties matters must be addressed by filing a motion with the Court.  

Other than warrants, access to the Courthouse is strictly limited to persons (attorney, defendant, victim, witness) with scheduled cases. 

Start times for scheduled assigned cases on individual Judges dockets will be staggered:  

  • Cases with private attorneys will be scheduled for 9:00am;
  • Cases with public defenders will be scheduled for 10:00am; 
  • Pro Se cases will be scheduled for 11:00am.

 This procedure will continue until further notice.