Bond Information

Posting bonds when a Judge set the bond
During the normal business hours of the Court, bonds must be posted in the Clerk’s Office. At all other times the bond can be posted at the jail.

If you are posting bond for another person, then you will need the full name and date of birth of the defendant. The social security number is also helpful.

There are 2 types of cash bonds that can be posted:

  1. Percent Cash
  2. Full cash bond

A percent cash bond is 10% of the bond that was set. The Judge must state that a percent bond is allowed. For example, if the bond is $5,000 then $500 must be posted.

A full cash bond would mean that the entire amount of the bond set must be posted. If the bond is set at $5,000 then $5,000 must be posted.

When you post either type of bond for yourself or someone else, you will be given a bond paper. You will need this paper to get your money back when the case is over.

Posting bonds on new charges
If a person is in the jail on brand new charges and has not yet been seen by a Judge, then you must contact the Jail’s booking department. You need to find out if it is possible to post bond on the charge and how much the bond is.

Getting bond money back
Once the case for which bond was posted is over and any fines and costs have been paid, the person who posted the bond may request their money back.

If the bond posted was a full cash bond, then all of the money will be returned. If a percent cash bond was posted, then the court keeps 10% of the amount posted. For example, The Judge set bond at $5000 at 10%. A percent cash bond of $500 was posted. $450 of the bond will be returned and the court will keep $50.00

Bonds are returned Monday through Friday at the Clerks office from 8:00am to 4:00pm. Please bring your bond papers and a picture ID.

Bond forfeiture
If the defendant fails to appear for a court date, a bench warrant may be issued and the Judge or Magistrate can order a bond forfeiture hearing. Letters of notification about the bond forfeiture hearing will be sent to the defendant and the bailor. At the bond forfeiture hearing the Judge or Magistrate can forfeit the bond money that was posted. If the bond posted was a percent cash bond the Judge or Magistrate can order the full bond forfeited. Which means if the bond was set at $5000 and $500 was posted; the bailor could owe the court the remaining $4500.